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90s simplicity at it's finest.

During this time, developers didn't need to outrace themselves in creating a "unique" experience. They were trying to make their games addictive and fun gameplay-wise, not relying on a phrase "it's new therefore it's good". I intended to bring back this style of gamedev - StarShip is, right from it's title, a simple game. You control your spaceship with 2 analog sticks (gamepad required), left trigger is a standard rifles, right - a minigun that takes away your Power. Once you accumulate full Power (over time or by killing enemies) you can unleash a powerful Beam Attack by clicking two triggers at the same time.

To advance to the next level, simply destroy every spawner and alien on the map. Should you need some help, with enough luck a fallen foe will drop you a health pack, don't be afraid to use it.

Good luck shooting down hordes of aliens!

Install instructions

Just unpack and run the .exe (some UI may not work with screens other than 16:9 tho, be wary of that).


Starship 1.0.zip 11 MB

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